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i love staying up [26 Nov 2005|04:08am]
[ mood | awake ]

napping from 5pm-12am = love :D

watching tv until 4am is awesome too

i am going to miss break

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i've only got myself to blameee [24 Nov 2005|11:25pm]
HAPPY TURKEY DAY! i was going through some homecoming pictures so i thought i'd post some :]

lazyCollapse )

:] [07 Nov 2005|05:49pm]

celebrity obsession :DCollapse )
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procrasination? [19 Oct 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

the first quarter is almost over. time passes so quickly now. i do not know if that's good or not. i hate how i don't care as much as before. or maybe i do. but it's not helping.

i miss sleep. REM deprived harrr. i'd like some starbucks now.

first parade! [25 Sep 2005|10:41am]
[ mood | tired ]

because i don't know how to do the density lab and i don't want to do it, i thought i'd update about yesterday's newark's day parade.

+ i am glad percussionists have different uniforms :] sirena took forever to get her uniform on. they have three layers instead of two.
+ listening to jason and victor singing on the bus / singing happy birthday to kraft when she got on the bus.
+ arriving at the church and having teck lead half the percussionists on a search for the bathrooms. took us 20 minutes to find it
+ two hour march around newark. i was dying carrying the xylo and it was really hot wearing the uniforms. i think our percussion song hipster > all :]
+ afterwards, alex and i rushed to find the changing room. the bathroom stalls were really gross.
+ tina and i went to get food at the carnival. yay for strawberry daiquiris. it was good, especially after being in the sun for so long. we decided to be cheap and get tacos. akshay told us the person only knew spanish so i started preparing for how i was going to order. andd it turns out the person DID know english -_- the salsa on the taco was soo spicy. BUT I ACTUALLY FINISHED YAY :D.
+ we went to the playground and while tina went on the swings, i decided to buy ice cream from an ice cream cart. i thought the person knew english but as soon as i came over, he started talking hella fast in spanish -_-. and then a parade officer person came and started talking in english to the person "you have to be on the street! STREET. STREET. STREET." after 10 minutes of having someone else translate between them, i got my ice cream :]
+ we actually won five trophies. the first time, we started singing happy birthday and the announcer actually thought it was someone's birthday so we all pointed to kraft and said it was hers.

next time, we need to do something afterwards :]

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